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Technical Service: Repairs and Maintenance

In case you need this service, contact us before sending the instrument. You can contact us by email indicating your name, contact details, the model and serial number of the instrument and details about the possible malfunction. If you wish, you can also fill the contact form

Calibration service

When you buy a new instrument of LAMSE, it is delivered with a traceable Calibration Certificate, where it is shown the results of measurements in several reference points, showing in this way that the instrument has been adjusted and calibrated correctly after its manufacture. But during the life of the instrument, it has to be verified and calibrated periodically to assure it works and measures properly. The periodicity and frecuency of these verifications and calibrations are determined by the Calibration Program of your company or by the regulatory authority or inspectors of your country.

The calibration is certified under the ISO9001 standard, in which the scope of the certification includes the point "Calibration of instruments for ionizing radiation measurements." This means that LAMSE passes annual audits that analyze this service, ensuring the quality of the process, procedures, auxiliary measurement instruments, infrastructure, personnel training, calibrations and internal verifications of instrumentation and traceability to national and international standards.

Specifically, for the calibration of gamma radiation equipment, LAMSE has first-class facilities and instrumentation. The reference instruemnt is directly traceable to PTB, that is, it is calibrated periodically at the German National Laboratory, PTB "Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt", which together with the NIST in the USA and the NPL in the United Kingdom, is among the main institutes of metrology of the world.

Professional instruments for alpha, beta, gamma radiation detection

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