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Professional instruments for alpha, beta, gamma radiation detection

Quality Management System

LAMSE is an ISO9001 certified company since 2002, establishing our commitment to a quality management system in all the processes of design, manufacturing and services to our customers. This commitment to quality makes a very high level of satisfaction among our customers.

This certification is for the following activities:

  • Design, development and manufacture of instruments for measuring ionizing radiation.

  • Commercialization of products related with the measurement of ionizing radiation and with the radiological protection.

  • Calibration of instruments for measuring ionizing radiation.

  • Maintenance and repair of instruments for measuring ionizing radiation.

Manufacturing and Traceability

The manufacturing of LAMSE products is controlled by our ISO9001 Quality Management System, assuring the traceability of all the processes.

After the manufacturing, each instrument is adjusted and calibrated individually, configuring all the necessary parameters to obtain correct readings.

All the measuring instruments used in partial verifications during the manufacturing process are periodically verified and calibrated, in accordance with our Periodic Verification and Calibration Program, assuring the traceability of all the measures.

Each instrument is delivered with a Certificate of Calibration, fully traceable. The settings and radiological calibrations of our instruments are made for gamma radiation in our Calibration Laboratory. Instruments for measuring alpha, beta, gamma radioactive contamination are tested and calibrated for different reference isotopes.

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