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Counter-Timer for Radioactive samples measurement

  • Special application for Steel industry and metal recycling industry.
  • Application for Radiactivity measurement in food, etc.
  • Philosophy of "contaminated / not contaminated"
  • Measuring time and alarm threshold adjustable by the user.
  • Ratemeter, auto-range with indication of scale factor
  • NaI(Tl) detector, of 50x50 mm (2"x2")
  • Data and measurements report

The RM1001B-A0 system has been developed by LAMSE with the collaboration of Medical Phisics Department of Cantabria University (Spain).

The RM1001B-A0 system is a digital counter-timer with a detector of high sensitivity. The limit between the Contaminated status and Not-Contaminated status is usually established in 1Bq/g. This value is the most referenced value in steel industry and metal recycling industry by International and National Regulatory Agencies. Nevertheless, this system could be also used in other applications, such us in food control in radiological accident.

According to the experience, the probability to find radioactive elements in steel is low, therefore this system is very appropriate for small foundries and also for big foundries as a basic control system, using the more expensive spectrometry systems to verify that steel is below 1 Bq/g. It could save time and money.

The system consists of the measuring monitor, a very high sensibility detector and the shielding. The RM1001B-A0 does two types of independent measurements. The analog measurement allows to control the background, while the digital counter does the sample measurement giving a "NORMAL" result if it does not exceed the preset threshold, or "ALARM" if it exceeds it. The measuring time can be preset by the user.

At the end of the measurement, the results can be printed or saved with software application, recording the date, time, counting CPS, monitor status, and measurement result.

The main features are:

  • It detects radiactivity due to natural or artificial sources, in steel samples with a specific activity exceeding 0.3 Bq/g in 60 s measuring time, standard protection and 70 g weigth sample.
  • Efficiency of 8.0 cps per Bq/g related to Co-60, with subtraction of ambiental background.
  • Analogic indication to warn an increase of ambiental background in order to correct it before the measurement.
  • Data report through RS232 port, to PC (application software) or serial printer, to certificate the measurement.
  • Measuring time and threshold alarm adjustable by the user.
  • Good response under humidity and temperature ambiental conditions.
  • Audible alarm if the alarm level is exceeded.
  • Possibility to reduce Detection Limits increasing the measuring time.
  • Lineal response up to specific activity values of 100 Bq/g.
  • NaI(Tl) Scintillation detector of 50x50 mm (2"x2").
  • Subtraction of ambiental bacground.

The system includes:

  • RM1001B-A0 Monitor.
  • NaI(Tl) detector.
  • Standard shielding with sample holder (approx. weight 80-100 Kg)
  • Cables and connectors.
  • CD Application software.

Contact us for more information about this model.

  • Steel industry
  • Food control
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Industry with radiactive sources
  • etc...

Contact us for more information about this model.

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