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Area Radioactive Contamination Monitor

  • Hands control without touching the sonde
  • Easily removable sonde to check clothes etc.
  • Analogic indication in CPS and digital in CPS and Bq/cm².
  • Alarm thresholds in CPS and Bq/cm²
  • Auto-range with scale factor indication.
  • Adjustable Calibration coefficients.
  • Ambiental background counter for subtraction.
  • Counter with time limit or counts limit.
  • Indication of alarms, detector fail, low battery, out of range.

The RM1001B-CT is an area radioactive contamination monitor ideal to check personnel in order to detect possible contamination in hands, clothes, tools, etc

The auto-range analogic scale in counts per second (CPS) shows an easy-to-read measure and the digital display shows an accurate measure in CPS and Bq/cm².

An averaging function softens the readout and maintains fast response time. The monitor automatically changes the scale, indicates the used scale (x1, x10, x100, x1000), and warns in any case of detector failure, low battery, saturation, and when the rate or surface activity alarm threshold are exceeded.

The RM1001B-CT monitor has an isotopes library (depending on the detector) for measuring the surface activity (Bq/cm²). The efficiencies of these isotopes can be edited after a recalibration according to the user's procedure of measure (over 2π ó 4π , detector-source distance...). The background is measured by means of a counter with a measuring time from 20 to 100 seconds. The background subtraction is applied in the surface activity calculation and can be stored in memory.

For measurements that need more accuracy, the RM1001B-CT monitor has a general counter-timer in which the user can adjust the measuring time up to 10000 s. or/and the total counts limit up to 10E7 events.

Every parameter (alarm thresholds, efficiencies, measuring time and total counts limit...) can be set by the user and stored in the non-volatile memory.

Depending on the application, the RM1001B-CT can have two different models of great surface sondes, CT115AB and CT115BG, to detect and measure alpha, beta and gamma radioactive contamination. The CT115AB is more appropiate to detect alpha contamination and the CT115BG is more appropiate to detect low energy gamma contamination such as I-125 and other radioisotopes used in Hospitals.

A special wall-holder for the sonde allows user to check hands without touching the sonde to avoid, in this way, possible contamination of the sonde. When the user is sure its hands are not contaminated, can easily remove the sonde from the holder to check clothes, tools, shoes, etc.

Contact us for more information about this model.

Contact us for more information about this model.

  • Ciclotrons, PET
  • Research centers
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Industry with radiactive sources
  • etc...

Contact us for more information about this model.

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