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Alpha, Beta, Gamma radioactive contamination monitor

  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma detection
  • Geiger-Müller detector with 7 cm² thin window
  • Small, compact and light-weight
  • Units in cps, Bq y Bq/cm²
  • Three measuring modes: rate, maximum rate, and Counter/Timer
  • Two alarm thresholds, in cps and Bq/cm²
  • Self-test with indication of alarms, detector error, low battery, and out of range


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The Eris1C is a handheld, small, compact and lightweight contamination monitor to detect and measure the alpha, beta and gamma radioactive contamination, in counts rate (cps) and activity units (Bq, Bqcm²).

The monitor is ready to use as soon as it is turned on and the surfing on the menu is very intuitive and user-friendly. The language of texts and messages are all in English.

The monitor has three measures modes: the Rate mode in which the average value is updated each second, the Hold mode in which the maximum value reached is frozen on the display, and finally, the Counter mode with adjustable measuring time to do more accuracy measures.

Its sophisticated firmware calculates the average rate of the last seconds correcting the dead time of the detector. This reading is very stable, but it is automatically updated when the radiation field varies more than three times the standard deviation of the previous reading. This makes the monitor has a fast response time and stable readings.

If the isotope to measure is known and the user wants measure directly in activity units, the Eris1C has a small isotope library, or calibration set, with factors to convert to Bq and Bqcm², in accordance with ISO7503-1. The library has free positions that the user can set in case the isotope to measure is not in the library.

The counts rate (in cps) and activity rate (Bq, Bqcm²) have alarm threshold values that the user can set and save in the non-volatile memory. In case the counts rate or the activity is above its alarm threshold value, an alarm message will be displayed. The monitor also has self-test routines and displays a warning message if the battery level is low, if the detector fails or if the reading is out of range.

After its manufacturing, the Eris1C is tested, adjusted and calibrated. The monitor is supplied with a transport case with strap, with the user’s manual (in English) and a certificate with the results of the calibration factors for some reference isotopes.

Type of measure Alpha, beta, gamma.
Detector Geiger-Müller, with 7 cm² thin wall, mica of 1.5-2 mg/cm² .
Measuring modes - Rate
- Maximum rate (Hold)
- Counter/Timer
Indication range Auto-range
In counts rate: 0.01 cps - 10 Kcps
Gamma sensibilily aprox. 3 cps/µSv/h (related to Cs137)
Energy range Beta: 130 keV - 3.5 MeV
Measuring units - cps (counts per second)
- Bq (Bequerels)
- Bq/cm² (Bequereles per square centimeter of detector)
Typical efficiencies
(2π geometry, in contact)
Sr90+Y90 (β) ∼ 54%
Cl36 (β) ∼ 50%
C14 (β) ∼ 12%
Am241 (α) ∼ 10%
Response time Automatic, minimum 1 s. According to 3-Sigma criteria, it updates the mesurement if the detected value in last second has a deviation above three times the standard deviation of average value
Display LCD 12x2
LED - Indicator of the frequency of detected events
- Indicator of alarms
Audio Controlled by pushbutton
Keyboard Four membrane pushbuttons, ON/OFF, MENU, AUDIO, RESET
Power Alkaline 9 volts battery. More than 80 hours of continous operation (with a rate < 1 µSv/h).
Dimensions 11.7 x 7.2 x 2.5 cm
Weight 220 g. (with battery)
Temperature range -10ºC a +50ºC
Humidity range max. 90% RH (non condensed).

ERIS1C - Alpha, Beta, Gamma containation monitor.

Ref: LAM029V02

It is supplied with the following elements:

  • Eris1C monitor
  • Transport case with strap
  • 9V battery
  • User's manual in english
  • Calibration Certificate of LAMSE, with efficiencies for some reference isotopes.


Transport case for Eris1.

Ref: LAM024V03

With strap.
In new orders, this transport case is already included with any Eris1

  • Hazardous goods transport
  • Research centers
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Radiological protection
  • Industry with radioactive sources
  • etc...

ERIS1C radioactive contamination monitor - Commercial brocure in english - 10/07/2015 - 500KB

This table shows a comparison between Eris1C and other models of Eris1 family.
Gamma and X-Rays H*(10) measurement
Alpha, Beta, Gamma contamination mesurement
µSv/h unit
CPS unit
Bq/cm² unit
Isotope library (calibration coefficients)
Rate measurement mode
Accumulated dose mode
Maximum rate mode (Hold)
Adjustable alarm threshold in µSv/h
Adjustable alarm threshold in cps
Adjustable alarm threshold in Bq/cm²
Self-testing with indication of alarms, detector fail, battery low level, and out of range
Counter/Timer with adjustable measuring time

Next table shows a comparison between Eris1C and instruments for contamination measurement.
Gamma and X-Rays H*(10) measurement Optional
Alpha, Beta, Gamma contamination measurement with external sondes
Built-in contamination detector
External contamination sondes Several models Several models Several models
Stationary Optional Optional
Wall holder Optional Optional
Rechargeable battery
External power
Data store Optional Optional
Data Download/Register software Optional Optional

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